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Your Mobile Workforce Transformed

Change your outlook on mobile field management software. AutomatedService Mobile is a convergence of technically superior platforms that offer the service enterprise workforce unparalleled mobile field service performance and functionality. With best-in-class connectivity, logistics, job costing, and administrative features, AutomatedService Mobile is going to revolutionize the way you do business in the field. Get peace of mind from knowing your mobile solution can get the job done and is easy to learn, deploy, and manage.

Invest in Mobile Software

Paper service tickets and lack of access to the right tools for the job have been the Achilles' heel of every service enterprise for decades. Too much paper, too many touches, forgotten items and errors, and days spent waiting for customer payments. The costly way of doing business manually goes away with AutomatedService's mobile field service management software and digital workflow optimization. Daily interruptions are reduced and billable hours increase as unproductive time searching for information is eliminated.

White Minibuses

Connectivity Between The Field and The Office

AutomatedService Mobile connects your back office and mobile workforces like never before. Never lose track of work details again thanks to 24/7 service transparency between your field techs and back office users. Eliminate the need for field printing and paper stacking with AutomatedService Mobile's electronic document printing technology along with our automatic email setup. Utilize mobile video conferencing to remotely solve the toughest service challenges. Last but not least, utilize our mobile transaction processing capabilities to easily secure payments directly from the field.
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