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Enterprise Mobile Solution that Connects the Sage 100 World of

Job Costing & Field Service


Optimize your business workflows with a mobile solution that digitally empowers your construction and service workforce with the tools to process transactional details for the job. An easy-to-use mobile interface makes the type of job being worked on transparent to your field workforce.


Job Costing

Your Sage 100 Job Costing setup and field transactional workflows will be optimized by digitizing your workforce activity with our mobile features. Sage 100 Job Cost; Job Type, Cost Code, and Cost Type logic is fully supported at the transaction level, all the way from the job to the general ledger. Back-office administrators become much more efficient in processing the electronic details daily versus whenever the paperwork arrives.



With the addition of AutomatedService your back-office team will be able to leverage logistic tools like Call Central, Daily Job Central, and Google Calendar to fill in the missing logistic gaps with a standard Job Cost setup.


Supporting Features

Get more done with an integrated hybrid Job Cost - Mobile Field Service solution! Electronic document storage is designed to store important job documents or mobile-produced pictures, field documents, and signatures. Field workers will have instant access to work history, business-wide inventory on hand, and field material needs or purchases.

Job Cost + Mobile Features

Optimized Job Costing

Supports all standard Job Cost features & functions

Intuitive Mobile screens

Techs use the same Mobile features for Job Cost and Service

 Paperless processing

New logistic tools

Up to the day costing

Job Cost and service details accessible from the main customer screen


All transactions can be created in our OSP Mobile solution and merged into the appropriate Job Cost jobs. Merge your service and job costing departments into the advanced Job costing solution with the click of a button! Ascent makes it easy to optimize your entire service enterprise with one solution. 

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