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The Service Glossary: Technician Efficiency

Christopher Esselborn - Monday, August 17, 2015


    The Field Service Glossary

    This week in the Service Glossary, we want to reacquaint you with the value of your technician staff and how their collaboration with members of the back office impacts your bottom line. We are comparing estimated time with actual time to calculate your Technician Efficiency.

    Week 7: Technician Efficiency

    How to Calculate: Collect the actual and estimated time spent on service calls for a technician and then divide the estimated time by the actual time. The resulting variance will help you understand the true value of a job. For example, a job with an estimated time of 1 hour that is actually completed in 2 hours will yield a variance of .5 or 50%.  This demonstrates that the estimated value was only 50% of the actual charge for the job--inconsistencies as large as this one can throw off scheduling and affect customer relations.  Factors that influence Technician Efficiency include: the accuracy of customer service request detail, service logistics, parts management and technician competence.


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