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Mobile Field Service Software: Getting the Job Done, Offline

Christopher Esselborn - Monday, November 24, 2014

Mobile Field Service 

By definition, field technicians’ work remotely in a wide variety of settings and at times a site is not conducive to internet connectivity. Techs are now able to access vital information that can make the difference between a repeat visit or a first time fix, but what happens to a tech when they arrive on site and there isn’t an available internet connection?



  • Applications like AS Mobile have been designed to keep the workforce operating regardless of internet connectivity. With AS Mobile, techs not only retain the ability to view jobs and other important information, they also have the ability to continue processing their work. Here are some ways that SvcForce enhances the offline experience:
    • AS Mobile is built within Microsoft Office Outlook which already optimizes the offline experience with ‘Microsoft Cached Exchange Mode.’ You can simply toggle it on and start caching emails ‘locally’ rather than on your server.

  • All jobs enter AS Mobile via email. After you receive a job, you never have to worry about losing any of the details. It’s stored on the system, just like the rest of your emails.

  • Job Details include site information, equipment history, warranty information, service level agreements and more.

  • Tech’s can still enter all of their important details: Job Notes, Repair Details, Labor Time, Inventory, Purchases, Materials, Signatures and Payment. 

  • Data is stored on the Tech’s device until an internet connection is reestablished at which point it is communicated back to the office.
  • AS Mobile Calendars are available at all times so you’re always in sync with the back office even if your internet connection isn’t.

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