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3 Steps to Jump-Start Your Mobile Service Strategy

Christopher Esselborn - Friday, November 21, 2014

Mobile Field Service


Mobility for service organizations is becoming necessity rather than a luxury in today’s quickly evolving mobile workforce environment. The idea of doing more with less is attractive for those companies looking to maximize revenues while also reducing costs, but service manager’s must keep in mind that mobile adoption is about more than just IT expenditure—there must be a strategy in place. So how do you plan for mobile success? We’ve come up with a few tips to help you jump-start you mobile field service strategy.


1. Plan on Reducing Your Touch Points

Overlooking something as simple as system integration is easy with all the bells and whistles-like GPS routing & video conferencing-being marketed today, but it could be the biggest mistake you make. The number of employees that ‘touch’ or interact with a service request influences cost, accuracy, timeliness of service and cash flow. Service related data that is re-keyed multiple times creates areas of redundancy within an organization and also provides inconsistent results. By planning ahead and using mobile software that automatically communicates and integrates field details to the back office, there is no need to worry about data reentry or even worse, data reentry mistakes which can dramatically increase operational costs.


2. Ensure Access to Mission Critical Information

Just because your remote technicians are able to receive jobs and transmit work details back to the office does not mean they are equipped to compete in today’s market. Customers expect fast service which often requires more than just a prompt arrival. In order to wow your clients and improve first time fix rates, you need a system that empowers your field technicians with all your customer information: SLA; Equipment History; Job Notes: Purchase History; Warranties and more. Not only will your techs be better positioned to give top level customer service, you’ll also notice that your phone lines have less incoming traffic from information seeking techs.


3. Keep Your Customers in The Loop

Your field techs are up to date, but what about your customers? Utilizing cloud based portals-like Ascent’s AS Cloud-will dramatically improve your mobile strategy by allowing your customers to place and track service jobs in ‘real-time’ without needing to waste their or your valuable time on a phone call. All information is immediately and automatically transmitted to and from the back office without ever needing to reenter information. You’ll not only delight your customers, you’ll also be reducing your administration time in the process.

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