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Over 30 Years of Service Industry Experience


We help leading small to mid-sized field service organizations across North America get to the next level by helping them overcome service operational business pains.    Often our clients have very specific challenges that require  unique perspective and insight. And it is our technical and industry expertise that make it possible for us to address these problems that no one else can.


Recognizing that every business and every challenge is different is the cornerstone of our success.  At Ascent, we work intimately with our clients to help solve their operational and back office business obstacles.  Understanding what keeps our clients awake at night is the first step in providing a solution that solves their unique business needs and issues.


Our clients receive an unrivaled opportunity for growth from over three decades of best practice business knowledge which we use to build their internal capabilities and leadership.  We also provide best in class automated field service software to give them increased profitability and overall service enterprise productivity.  Our knowledge and customized solutions have become the competitive differentiators that make our clients the market leaders they are today.

"We understand our client needs. We're able to give them an infrastructure and a portfolio of business solutions that enable them to grow. Then we stay with them and adapt our solutions as their business grows and matures. We call it our "Customer For Life" strategy."


CEO, Mike Hutar, founded Ascent Business Systems, Inc. in 1988 and quickly became an early pioneer in the developing world of Field Service Management Software.    Soon after, Ascent secured itself as the premiere Sage 100  market leader by shifting the paradigm for Automated Field Service with its  Mobile and Cloud  solution offerings.


Ascent Business Systems, Inc.'s main office is located in Houston, Texas and it has a national network of local channel partners.

"We're always helping our customers get to the next level,

that's what we do"


      - Mike  Hutar, CEO


We believe in delivering value to every aspect of business.  Our success depends on the success of our clients and that's why we strive to make substantial improvements to the operational performance of our clients' organizations, every time.


We believe in going above the expectations of our clients, but that doesn't always mean we will do whatever the client asks us to do.  At times our solutions may seem unconventional, but it is this 'out of the box' style of thinking that keeps our clients loyal to our business year after year and which has led us to adopt the 'Customer for Life' philosophy.

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Ascent Business Systems, Inc. is a provider of enterprise automated service management software with a solution portfolio with office , mobile and cloud offerings.  With 30 years of experience solving operational business challenges, our offering of solutions and best practice business knowledge will provide you with a competitive edge, increased profitability and overall service enterprise productivity.